About MCS


Mobile Communication and Service Lab

Research interest:

  • Design and analysis of IoT services
  • Vehicular networking
  • Advanced protocol for mobile networks

Nowadays, MCS Lab is dedicated to developing the personal identification, image recognition, speech recognition and data analysis which are based on IoT sensors. We also develop a system integrating with media stream, mobile communication, and users’ locations for vehicles and “Smart City.”


MCSLab實驗室成立於2008年,目前本實驗室以物聯網感測器為基礎,持續開發具身份辨識、影像辨識、語音辨識、數據分析、並整合串流媒體、行動通訊、使用者位置, 開發適用於車用環境及智慧城市的整合型系統。

Contact us

National Cheng Kung University
Room 92508
One University Rd
Tainan 701 Taiwan
Tel: +886-2757575 ext.62400-1708

WebMaster : 鄭凱駿 a0952557167@gmail.com