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Mobile Communication and Service (MCS) Lab is founded in 2008. The main research interest of the lab is in telecommunications and networking. Our research team has been carried out several challenging research project. The results of our research has been published in several key journals and conferences. Three major areas that we are currently active in are IoT application development (APP, communication protocol, wireless transmission), 3GPP specifications study (core networks, M2M communication, proximity services), and 802.11 technology. Welcome to join us!


Mobile Communication and Service (MCS) Lab實驗室成立於2008年,參與多項科技部計畫以及實作競賽,也發表許多優異的研究成果在重點期刊及國際會議上。研究層面可分為實作及理論,實作因物聯網與機器間通訊技術發展大幅提升,以物聯網應用為主(APP、通訊協定、無線資料傳輸),理論根據3GPP電信規格提出的機器間與裝置間的通訊技術與WiFi的使用需求分成三大方向:機器通訊(鄰近服務、即時通話、群組管理)、電信核心網路(下世代通訊核心網路之協定分析、手機及網路系統設計、電信規格探討與改良)、802.11技術改良。

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